Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lust Have's

I’m the type of gal that lusts a lot!! I lust so much sometimes it hurts. I lusted after a boy for three years at university, did I speak to him… erm …no! Three years! Three whole years of nothing more then “hello”, it pains me still! Yet I haven’t changed, I still lust. I lust after thick glossy brown hair, (mine is blonde, why don’t I just dye it?) I have long lusted after a pair of classic turquoise suede Christian Louboutin Ron Ron shoes. Each year I think to myself, this may be the year that I can afford a classic Chanel tote, is it… no, yet still I lust. I lust after Caleb, oh Caleb when will you quit being the front man of Kings of Leon and be my boyfriend? It is with this last ‘lust’ that I think I may have resigned myself to a life of silly day dreaming and lustful defectiveness…. until now that is!

Fellow lusters listen up, lust no more…its here…its here!

Kate Moss’s latest collection has hit the impecunious, recession ridden High Streets. The first collection she realised set an incredibly high standard showcasing some beautiful designs and stunning accessories. I personally don’t think she’s beaten it with her latest effort, but she’s put up a competitive fight. I’m not sure if she’s lowered her prices but her clothes appear a little more reasonably priced then her other collections, they’re accessible and pleasing to the eye. 

We spent years lusting after Kate Moss’s wardrobe and now it’s at our very fingertips, however do we want it? Personally, yes, I do but not as badly as I thought and only a hand full of items tickle my fancy?

So maybe if Caleb was to knock at my door with a classic Chanel tote around his heaving bicep, this seasons Ron Ron’s, and wearing nothing but a smile I wouldn’t be as excited as I thought? Bollocks of course I would! But it does bring me to the conclusion that we as a nation lust purely because we can’t have, when we can have, no matter how fabulous, were always slightly disappointed? I have, however listed the items from Ms Moss’s latest collection, that I can guarantee won’t leave you with a sunken heart of colossal disenchantment this summer.

The Daisy tea

I’d team this with summer pumps, or tights and killer heels for an evening out, or over jeans if you’re hitting the cinema

Circle and Floral dress

 I’d team this with flip flops and a brown satchel when summer hits, or a t-shirt, tights and flat pumps when the weathers not so promising

Broderie Anglais Sundress 

I would team this with a glorious summer holiday!


There is also the Jacquarad Cardigan and Striped Sailor Cardigan that has caught my eye, and the Folk Zigzag scarf would look lovely round my neck at a summer festival.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the Topshop website for rest of her collection…. and lust no more, well until the next ‘must have item’ is released upon our fashion hungry minds!

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