Thursday, 9 April 2009

I Want Doesn't Get

As the sun slowly begins to crack the weathered pavements, the bird song seems that little bit louder, flowers begin to scatter the dirty withered ground. It seems like the dog days may finally be over, the clocks have gone back, the nights are lighter, and just 3 more months till schools out! 

You know that summer is finally-a-coming, when you drive through town, and even though, in my opinion, it is definitely still coat wearing weather, you see ever third person with coats off, white trousers on, lime green and bright blue vests at the ready, and (I cant really bring myself to say it), but men wearing those hideous sleeveless t-shirt vests, circa Bruce Springsteen, 1984 - just don't do it!!! Leave that up to The Boss, unless you have his guns then it's just not worth it!

However with this glorious coming of summer, also comes the 'I WANTS'. I want, I want, I want, I want!!!!!! 

I want the entire new collection that marks the collobration between fashion model Erin Wasson's and RVCA (a surf, skate, & lifestyle brand). I want her Sideshow floral, 90's grunge inspired tee dress. I want her perfectly warn in boyfriend jeans, I want to squeeze my over indulgent bottom into her tiny cut-off denim hot-pants. I want to team dirty, grungy biker-boots with feminine summer dresses, I want to layer her oversized tee's with acid wash vests and be able to get away with it! 

Her collection is simply stunning. It is everything I wanted Kate Moss's collection to be and more. Her inspirations is clear for all to see, the two Alexander's. She's channeling early 90's grunge brought to us by the master, McQueen (I was a little too young the first time round so delighted to see its return), and I see elements of Alexander Wang's laid back, ready to wear summer vibe creeping in too. 
Her collection isn't crazy expensive starting off at the $50 mark and creeping up to around the $200, however at the moment, due to a few over indulgent hen weekends, I can only afford to look and not buy!! I want doesn't get!! Little tip... buy Vogue instead of lunch, buy a party dress instead of work clothes, and for gods sake never put a hen weekend before a limited edition collection!!!

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