Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wedding bells, Butterfly's and the Perineum

My old friend Wikipedia speciously states that – People marry for many reasons but usually one of legal and economic stability. Well this wasn't the case at the wedding I attended this beautiful bank holiday weekend just gone. The marriage of my close friend Cal and her lovely husband Rob came about for one reason and one reason only and that was because they are so deeply in love. 

The wedding took place on a glorious summers day in a beautiful church setting in Heswall and then resided to the very posh and very grand Thornton Manor, (far to posh and far to grand for the likes of me).

I was up, as usual, with the birds to begin the long gruelling process of getting myself ready. As a collector of all things vintage, when attending weddings I always go full out in the vintage department and this wedding was no exception. I wore a beautiful, vivid, emerald green, vintage dress, that I found in a thrift store a good few years ago.

The embroidered silk and the clean 1950’s cut makes the dress a real joy to wear. I added a tutu to the underneath of this dress to enable the skirt to kick out a little, plus when the evening drew near and the party begins, I was more suitably attired! I accessorized my look with the most feminine hot red, bow, suede shoes, vintage lace gloves and a beautiful 1950’s side hat complete with veil and pheasant feathers and of course, no outing would be complete without the source of all my powers…. my crocodile skin handbag!

My fabulous friend Russell also dressed to impress, with a blue velvet blazer, blue shirt, bright orange dickey bow, sky blue shoes. However when we pulled into the church both Russell and I had slight regrets about our outfits of choice! There were a lot of pastel colours, a lot of elegance, and a lot of class. I suddenly realised I looked like an extra from Bugsy Malone and Russell looked like a balloon making magician. 

Service to say we stuck like glue together all day, praying to god know one mistook us for the evenings entertainment! Before the church service, everyone gathered outside the church, in anticipation of the bridle party, and they didn’t let us down! The bridesmaids wore beautiful vintage inspired ivory lace, dresses with an ivory silk sash that tied under the bust, stunning yet simple jewellery and bouquets filled with pink lily’s and roses. The mother of the bride wore a beautiful mauve fitted dress and jacket with a show-stopping hat in matching colour. The bride herself looked breathtaking, timeless and classic, very reminiscent of Charlotte’s (sex and the city) first wedding. She wore a two tier, silk, ivory gown with the most beautiful embroidered detailing to the front and back, carrying a larger version of the bridesmaids flowers, she looked every inch the perfect bride…. a far cry form the girl that I used eat raw fray bento pie’s with at university. Her hair was elegantly swept off her face and held together by a floor length veil and the other half was perfectly curled. Her look was accessorised with pearl earrings and a stunning pearl bracelet.

After the photos, speeches and food, the festivities really began. Lots of dancing, too much drinking, and the strange moment, in which, I was handed a small cone of fish and chips and a cottage pie (still not 100% sure as to whom gave it to me and why?) As the evening rolled into the early hours and my liver got better acquainted it with its old companion Jack Daniels the conversation took an interesting turn, a particular conversation about the ‘perineum’ sticks in mind…. and I think the less said about that the better! 

Like all good things, the wedding had to end, and as I still try to cure my prolonged hangover the new Mr & Mrs embark on what I hope to be a long and very happy life together.

For someone that, before 2004 had never attended a wedding, I feel I have now made up for that, this wedding being the second of many I am attending this year. The more I attend however, the more I realize that, for me, a wedding is definitely something I am not ready to enter into as yet and wont be, I don't think, for many years to come. However, if I am anything as in love as what Cal and Rob looked on their big day then it will be a momentous and joyful occasion.





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