Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fashion Disaster

Picture the scene, a few weeks ago I’m in Urban Outfitters whilst the boyf is trying on jeans. Lingering outside the changing room I have a quick peruse through the leaflets and flyers that Urban Outfitters display. (Bare with me this story is going somewhere!) I notice a flyer for an exciting evening for fashion networking held at the Fact and ideal if you have your own fashion label, if you’re a fashion editor or fashion blogger and just looking to mix and mingle with the right people. Perfect, I thought!! The opportunity I have been waiting for, a chance to promote my blog and hopefully, possibly, lead to me blogging for some independent fashion labels, designers and online fashion magazines as well as the two I already blog for Moonspark and Lookingglass. So I go online, I book my ticket and I get to work getting some business cards made so I can appear all professional whilst I’m there.

So yesterday in preparation I pop into the printers to see if my business cards are ready “not till Wednesday love”… fooking fabulous (the meeting is Tuesday evening)!! Now normally I’d stand and argue with the bloke until one of us was reduced to tears or submission, but on this occasion there was no time, I was now faced with the prospect of hand making…yes hand making 50 business cards! My printer is broke, so we are talking writing them out with my neatest gammy left-hander handwriting! I quickly reverted back to Sian of old, the Sian that did textiles A-level, the Sian that thought she could make anything ANYTHING!!! Inspired, I quickly scurried off to ‘paper chase’, to see if they had something remotely business looking…they didn’t. Instead they had tiny cards with little matching envelopes, lots of ribbons and heart stickers…I purchased the lot!  Like Mr. Wolf from pulp fiction I was home 9 minutes 37 seconds later and before I knew it my evening was suddenly devoted to hand writing my blog address and personal details onto the smallest cards I have ever seen and sticking tacky little coloured hearts all over them for decoration! The whole process took a pain staking 4 hours… the result, 50, not remotely professional looking, ‘business cards’.

So tonight was indeed the big fashionable mingling event, I got all dolled up and with my tacky business cards in toe headed off to the event. However when I got to the main desk, I was asked what enterprise I owned? Erm…. non? I looked around, no one looked remotely fashionable, it was then I was informed that the ‘fashion thing’ was a miss print and this was a business evening of mingling for business owners, market developers and web designers…which means me, a struggling actress who’s trying desperately to leave behind the depressing days of ‘Promo’ (see ‘the return of the chino’ blog for more information on my day job) and trying to turn my blogging passion into a full time career, ever so slightly out of my depth. So that was it… no apologies, no grovelling for the fact they never thought to send an email informing me of the misprint. ‘I made 50 business cards last night’ I explained to the slightly obtuse receptionist ‘by hand’. She was not the slightest bit bothered that I had several paper cuts on my fingers and multi coloured hearts stuck to places one should never get a multi coloured heart stuck! As the devastation engulfed, I turned on my heel, tale between my legs I headed for the exit leaving a heart shaped sticker trail behind me…. but then I thought, hang on…maybe I should go in, ‘mingle’ and just hope to god some other budding fashionista hadn’t been informed of the miss print either! No such luck…

1 person out of the 30 people in attendance has the pleasure of opening my glitter filled, tacky as hell, business card when they arrive home tonight….

So, if you are looking for any information on marketing, business or web design do get in touch… after the two hour seminar I have just sat through, I am quite confidant I can fully inform you on the ins and out’s of customer care, relations within the market place, marking solutions and rejecting business professionally. Information on my future in fashion blogging?... I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

Bloody gutted...

Anyone want a business card?

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  1. wow! that is super sad though. Your cards are adorable I must say! Don't worry, just keep those handmade cards with you, you never know when you'll need to hand them to someone important!