Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tis The Season To Be Festiv…al Attending?!

The line-up’s have been announced, the portable BBQ’s are primed, and your trusty wellies are waiting with breath that is baited… oh yes…. festival season is finally upon us my children!!

Radio One’s ‘Big Weekend’ kicked things off in Swindon early May, and if you missed out on that, fear not there are plenty more festivals you can attend this summer!!

Now festivals aren’t just about camping in a miserable field & spending the entire time looking for a plug socket to plug your hair dryer into, it is an experience and one that will change you… me thinks.

I’m naturally quite bohemian, but I got a little high maintenance in my late teens early 20’s, I seemed to constiantly have a can of hair spray attached to my left hand, and I avoided the rain for fear of melting…just like a witch! So when attending Glastonbury last year, you can imagine there was slight apprehension. I didn’t get of to the best of starts either… myself, the boyf and some friends were all meant to be heading down to Worthy Farm on the Wednesday. However I had to finish up filming ‘Secret Diary’s (and the dreaded sex scene!) So when I finally arrived to Glastonbury on the Friday morning, having been plucked, preened, spay tanned, waxed and starved for the last month in preparation for the worst sex scene ever, you can imagine I didn’t exactly fit in amongst all the laid back farmer types roaming around worthy farm! I was greeted by a slightly exasperated boyf – image Woody Harrelson in ‘Indecent Proposal’ but without rubbing off the lipstick part… due to his raging frustration I’d spent the last few days in some compromising positions with another bloke! 

However all my worries quickly disappeared as the vibe simply swept me up and before I knew it I was pissing into a water bottle in our tent and experiencing quiet an insane moment in which some random hippy man washed my hair for me? However before leaving for Glastonbury I had fully prepared, I planned my outfits well in advance, made sure the ensemble suited all weather conditions, I didn’t comprise my style by buying a wet weather coat, instead I invested in a wax jacket which really made all the difference, plus a decent pair of wellies are essential.

Now you have the basics sorted its time to focus on looking stylish! This year I have decided I want to go feminine and a little cleaner, last year I was quite grungy and thrown together. 

So I have scoured the Moonspark website and found some stunning outfits that are going to make my Festival season all the more fabulous.

This stunning Peoples Market Owl Shift Dress is one of the best dresses I have seen in some time! Animal motifs are huge this year and this satin appliqué owl design is no exception. I also love the block colour around the neck and high and cut away shoulder. White for a festival is probably a no-go but I don’t care I’ll be wearing this with my lovely green wellies and woolly socks or if the sun decides to shine ill team it with gladiator sandals or biker boots!

The Sugarhill Leopard Print Pocket Dress is so effortless and easy going…perfect for a festival. It doesn’t matter if it gets creased in you bag you can simply accessorise that to your look. I’d wear this with a long brown leather belt rapped around my waist a few times. Heavy biker boots and lots of long necklaces.

The Max C Silk Baby Doll Dress is to die for! Again another outfit that wont hold creases and doesn’t weight anything so perfect when your slugging up a hill to find a place to pitch your tent. If the sun is out I think this would work with little flat shoe boots, and if the weather isn’t great team this beautiful dress with skinny jeans or thick black tights and your wellies and finish with a trusty wax jacket

All items and more can be found on the Moonspark website and claim your 10% off simply by typing “SUMMER” into the discount tab at the checkout

Happy camping!!

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  1. This post makes me wish I was outside at a bbq right now and not at work! Gahh, great blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

    That owl dress is so adorable! Also the max c dress is made of a gorgeous fabric. ♥