Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Tea Party

I feel like for the last two months all I have done is work, work and more work! I have lived and died in my horrid work uniform, that consists of heavy black trousers, a red long sleeve top, a horrendous black gillet and finished with an embarrassing mexican hat! Not a good look, especially in the stunning weather we are currently having!

However, amidst all this work, there has been some play, I turned 26! Joy of joy! I figured instead of drowning my sorrows alone, I may as well make an evening of it and invite a few people around and get drunk with them instead. The day of my birthday was a pretty bleak day due mainly to the fact that not only did I discover 3 new wrinkles, but I also got ROBBED! Mugged whist at work! My brand new phone, along with a little dignity was stolen as I ran up the street, in flip flops, after the thieves shouting all sorts of profanities!

However I couldn’t dwell on my mugging for to long, I had to wipe my tears, fix my broken flip flops, pick myself up and host the English themed tea party I was planning to have that evening for my close friends & family to 'celebrate' me getting older. I had spent 3 days previous gutting my apartment, for quite a laid back person I turned ever so slightly physco trying to get it perfect for the tea party occasion. I had bought some beautiful hot pink tea roses for the dinner table; I also picked up some lilies for the window ledges of the apartment and my personal favorites Peonies. I was serving only light snacks for the guests nothing to heavy, as we were heading out on the town for lots of dancing so I didn't want to over-face people. I had bowls filled with jelly beans and gummy bares and lots of different shaped chocolates. I made cucumber sandwiches, and French Fancy’s which were scattered all over my apartment... no party is complete without French Fancy's.

Pimms with Champaign was the drink of the evening. I chopped up fruit and placed it into a vintage tea pot and then placed the pimms and some ice into that – I thought it was a nice addition to the table plus looked kind of kitsch when pouring it into peoples Champaign flutes! The piece de la resistance had to be my cupcakes! I bought some food dye and iced them all in different colours, placing little roses, decorations and cherries on top.

If you are thinking of doing an English themed tea party your self, may I suggest a few things you must include;

Firstly you must look the part Looking Glass is a website that stocks the most stunning handmade, vintage inspired clothing. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the cloths are often floral, kitsch and incredibly feminine. The two dresses from the site, that I would suggest as perfect outfits when hosting a tea party is the; The Rose dress, £45.00, a 1950's style pocketed dress with a full skirt and slashed neck. The Gloria dress, £46.00, a floral tea dress made from chiffon with a full skirt and frill sleeves.

Be sure to have pimms, cherries, cupcakes, and cucumber sandwiches and as many kitsch looking jelly sweets you can get your hands on. I also have Laura Ashley floral place mats and napkins, which can be a nice finishing touch. Tea roses and pastel colours also add to the theme!

We ended up having a fantastic evening however it didn't end looking as classy as what it did when it began.


  1. well, now I'm craving pimms.

  2. Great advice!!! And thank you for the link, I am going to check out their clothes right away :D

  3. Thank you for advice! you have a nice blog great job..