Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's all in your Head.

Normally I don't seem to get any post, it all arrives for my very important boyfriend who has a proper job and therefore real mail, as appose to me who only seems to receive PCR (actors magazine) Grazia subscription and my pay checks, which really aren't all that interesting!! So you can imagine my pure delight when a big parcel arrived for me all the way from the states!! It was my delivery from Whichgoose. I first discovered her blog - in which she discusses her general happenings like moving house, how she's decorated it, what inspires her and such.
Whilst perusing the blog I discovered her ESTY shop, and I am so glad I did! She makes the most stunning nature inspired crowns, hair combs and fascinators, all hand crafted by the lady herself.

Her pieces are truly beautiful, very sturdy and all so individual. I am attending a wedding this sunday so I ordered from her the stunning Twig Wire Vine Crown and also the Ophelia Wire Hair Band. I am not sure which one I will be wearing this Sunday, but I know for sure I will be buying from Whichgoose again, I have my eye on several other pieces!

Check out her fantastic store on ESTY.

Ps - I am soon to be heading off to Edinburgh for a month as I am performing in a few shows up there for the fringe, it's all very exciting as it is truly the most vibrant place to be for the month of August. However I have decided to maybe post a picture each day, for the entire month, of what I wear whilst I am there? Let me know what you guys think? something you'd like to see?


  1. What beautiful pieces!

    I knew I had flu before I was diagnosed, haha, I have never felt so ill in my life. I'm the kind of person who is always out and about, so to be bed ridden for three and a bit days was a big indicator!

    The tamiflu helped, but it did make me feel super sick as I couldn't eat with it, it might be worth taking it with food if your going to take it, idk...they say the flu varies from person to person, I don't take the best care of myself which is why I struggled I think.

    Feel better

  2. Wow, I love them both! You look so gorgeous... I love how dreamy they are!

  3. wow you look fantastic in those headpieces!!!

  4. I love the first headband with the flowers! So pretty and feminine, yet also so unusual.

    Florrie x

  5. These are stunning! I think a picture every day would be a great idea :) Really like your blog, I am following it now :)

  6. those headpieces are very stunning! i'd love to own both of them :)