Monday, 13 July 2009

Occasion Dressing.

I remember when I was about 17 years old and I was going through my ‘be different’ phase, which involved me being ever so slightly non conformist when it came to an ‘occasion’. I chose to wear ball gowns in the day and jeans and scruffy tops of an evening. Round about this time we had a family christening, and I arrived to the merriments in jeans and a hole ridden t-shirt, much to my mother’s dismay, and she still talks about it today, how ‘occasion dressing is the key to style, and me turning up in jeans and a worn out t-shirt just showed how little idea I in fact had’. At the time I thought I looked effortlessly cool, but looking back…my mum had a slight point. I was dressed completely wrong for that particular occasion due to who was there and the venue we were in.

My style has evolved over the years for the better, hopefully. I still have the non conformist within, however I do tame the beast when attending someone's wedding or a celebration of the birth of their first child! I now wear lots of vintage, I dress up lots, very feminine and even though I don’t dress like this at the moment, I admire the way Alexander Wang creates that effortlessly cool effect in which his models look incredibly casual even when wearing a evening gown.

Summer is all about occasion dressing, or dressing right for each event you are attending, and if like me, you don’t like to wear the same thing twice then you really need to have a gander at Moonspark.

Moonspark stocks an array of dresses suitable for all summer happenings BBQ’s, walks in the park, festivals, picnics & party’s.

A personal favorite of mine from the website is this stunning Mina Lace Babydoll dress -£79.99. The lace, leaf detailing is utterly stunning and the embroidered trim and baby-doll style gives this dress and incredibly feminine finish. I am attending a casual garden party in a few weeks, and thinking this dress may just be perfect for that. I would team this with a bright block colour shoe, maybe hot pink, turquoise or bright red? The same with the handbag, however I would clash the colour of the bag to the shoes. I would then add a head piece to this look and finish with a vintage cape. Alternatively you just just put some gladiator sandals to this look and it would become an utterly charming day dress.

I remember when I first met my boyfriend, I went to a warehouse party - which much to my dismay turned out to be more like a rave, and I remember looking completely out of place in my vintage ball gown! However now, I would wear this off the shoulder Lipsy Zebra Print dress, £64.99. This electric multi couloured zebra print dress, is ideal for a summer evening out, weather attending a 'rave' or simply heading out to a bar, I would team this with a high thick gladiator shoe and simple accessories.

If you are attending a summer BBQ or casual house/garden party this summer, this lovely Full Circle 'Ginni' shift, dress £52.99 is perfect. I would add a thick rustic vintage brown leather belt with matching sandals.

All items can be found at Moonspark, plus by typing JLB20 into the discount tab at the checkout you get yourself 20% off. Also click on the highlighted links to taken to pages for the selected items.


  1. ha ha! I remember going through that stage when I was 17. I committed possibly the biggest fashion faux pas, wearing a white dress to a colleagues wedding... I didn't even realise it was inappropriate! great blog by the way!

  2. All of these dresses are lovely! I especially like the little white one :)

    I can totally relate with you on the first matter... My mother never criticized what I wore, she was too laid-back... but now there are times I wish she had, because I too, always wore the wrong thing for the occasion! Well, I suppose it's only natural to go through those phases... especially when you are naturally creative and so young! :)